Are you a prisoner to your cravings?

5 Tips for freeing yourself from unhealthy cravings

Webster describes a craving as an intense desire for a particular thing. This intense desire can keep a person prisoner to their craving, if not processed properly. As it relates to nutrition, the intense desire to consume excess sugar or salt keeps some people prisoner to their food and beverage cravings. Forces that drive our addictions hide in the subconscious region of our brain. Simply meaning that over time our brain has created a correlation with our cravings to rewards. Even though you may have adopted a healthier lifestyle, it will take some time for your subconscious correlations to disconnect and catch up with your new journey.

So what are some things you can do to support yourself as you're freed from your unhealthy cravings??

1) Learn what your unhealthy cravings are and identify the false sense of reward that your subconscious has developed.

2) Research the long-term effects of your unhealthy cravings and choices.

3) Get with a registered dietitian to learn your specific nutrition needs to thrive clinically.

4) Allow your registered dietitian to provide you with a meal plan of your specific needs to start your journey.

5) Have compassion on yourself and take it one day at a time.

Live Balanced,

Whitney & Jasmine

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