Cook Once, Eat Twice

-----with sweet garbanzo bowl and reinvented lettuce wraps

This works by planning meals around food prepared in larger amounts to use in a variety of dishes. We are reinventing and revamping to make meal planning easier for the yourself and your family.

4 Advantages to cook once and eat twice:

  1. Saves time when planning and prepping your meals

  2. Food cost is less therefore you save money

  3. The food and dish taste better

  4. You don’t get bored and you create greater variety in the dishes you make and the food you eat

Sweet garbanzo bowl

Cook brown rice or a multigrain variety of rice per package. While rice is cooking, sauté 1 can of low sodium garbanzo beans, red and orange peppers and fire roasted tomatoes. Cook until peppers are soft and tender. Mix together 6 Tbsp. of orange marmalade, 2 tbsp. water and 3 tsp. hot sauce in a separate bowl. Top with a sprinkle of hot chili pepper flakes. Save ¼ of the marmalade mixture. Mix the rest of the mixture into the vegetable mix and sauté until marmalade is hot and sticky. Add vegetable mixture on top of rice. Enjoy!

Reinvented Lettuce wraps

Tear leaves of romaine lettuce apart. Fill up the lettuce with the sweet garbanzo bean bowl ingredients. Top with shredded red cabbage and diced mango. Sprinkle sesame and poppy seeds as optional. Serve and Enjoy!

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